This title is the longest in my blog to date!! 🙂

Origami Stand in the Corner of the Desk Drawer Table Box

This box is made from an A4 paper and is designed by Thoki Yenn, well know for his origami magic ring design.

The design actually looks very easy and I gave it a go. But it really isn’t quite that easy! I took quite some time before I could figure out how to complete it. But once it was done, u really liked it! Though  I wouldn’t advice you to use paper similar to what I have used. It seems to make the box shapeles!!

Origami Details:

Model: Stand in the Corner of the Desk Drawer Box

Creator: Thoki Yenn

Creator’s Website: The Clouds of Thoki Yenn

Instructions Link: CL

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Paper Rario: A4