It is said that, in order to keep one’s mind active and to reduce the risk of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, it is said that one should learn something absolutely new every year.

Whether this has been proven scientifically or not, it is still a very good practise to learn something new every year. So in keeping with this, a few years back, I had attempted to learn Japanese. I don’t know why I decided to learn the language, but it just sounds so, so different from other languages I have heard that I wanted to try it out 🙂 Well, it is a very difficult language to learn! With all the hiragana and kathakana and kanjis, it takes a lot of effort to learn it! And to top it off, I learnt that I am not really great with languages!! So I gave up after some time.

Now I am back to learning another language!! This time, it is French and hopefully this time I will fare better than with Japanese. For some reason, French has always fascinated me and since the French embassy here was offering online classes to learn the language, I decided to make use of the opportunity.. I am yet to proceed much farther than ‘Je m’appelle Pearlie‘, but I am enjoying learning it. I hope this time I can pick up enough to at least understand and speak some amount of French 🙂