Origami Mette Ring

Mette’s Rings were created by Mette Pederson and can be made in a variety of ways. One of the standard rings is the one I have made. It is made from 18 units and is quite simple to fold. A variation of the Mette Ring is the 3D version, which is also my gravatar.

These rings look great if made from a single colour or in a combination of 2 or 3 colours. They look equally good when made from wrapping paper or some colourful magazine paper (check out the pic at the end for a ring made from some scraps of paper I found lying around the house).

Origami Details:

Model: Mette’s Ring

Creator: Mette Pederson

Creator’s Website: Mette Units

Book: Origami

Author: Paolo Bascetta

Difficulty Level: Simple

Instructions Link: Mette Units

Number of modules: 18

Paper Size: 3 inch square

Origami Mette Ring from magazine paper