Cross made of Froebal Stars

To end this week of crosses, here’s a slightly different one. This cross is made from Froebal Stars (also called Movarian Stars or German Stars). Rather than origami, these stars are made by weaving paper. I had previously made quite a few of these stars here.

For making the cross, you will first need to make 6 of the stars. Joining them together is via glue. So once your individual stars are complete, you will need to overlap the 2 arms of one star with the adjacent one, and glue it in place. These stars can also be used to make baskets, using the same principle.

So with that, we come to the end of the crosses week 🙂 If you celebrate Palm Sunday and will be using palms, be sure to try making palm crosses. Else, get some paper and try out one of the crosses from this week. Hope you have a lovely time..

Origami Details:

Model: Cross from Froebel Stars

Creator: Froebel Friedrich

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Instructions Link for Froebal Star: Mathematische Basteleien

Instructions Link for assembling multiple stars: High Hopes

Tutorial Link for Froebal Star: Youtube

Number of paper strips: 4

Number of units: 6

Paper Ratio: 1:25 (approximate)

Paper Size: 1 inch by 20 inches