Origami Green Butterfly Earrings

When I first bought Ayako Brodek’s book ‘Origami Jewelry‘, one of the first designs that caught my eye were these butterfly earrings. But I never got around to making them till now. My sister-in-law had given me a couple of butterfly beads, so decided to make butterfly earrings to go with the beads.

They are quite easy to make, but I think it requires more practise getting that shape that can be seen in the book. The book also describes how to make them into a brooch, a bracelet and a hairpin. So you can end up with a complete set 🙂

Origami Details:

Model: Butterfly Earrings

Earrings created by: Ayako Brodek

Website: Origami Crafts by OriCraft

Book: Origami Jewelry

Author:  Ayako Brodek

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Paper Size: 4 cms square

Origami Pink Butterfly Earrings