Origami Decagonal Box

To wind up this rather long stretch of origami boxes, here is a 10-sided box – the Decagonal Box – created by Francisco J. Caboblanco.

This box is actually simpler than quite a few of the other modular boxes, in that, it requires only 2 squares of paper for the base and 2 more for the lid. Each square is pleated into 6 pleats and then joined together so that one pleat overlaps, to give a 10-sided structure.

A rather fishy box huh?? 🙂

Origami Details:

Model: Decagonal Box

Creator: Francisco J. Caboblanco

Creator’s Website: Web de Javier Caboblanco

Instructions Link: Wayback Machine (Beta)

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Number of Modules: 2 for base and 2 for lid

Paper Size: 7.5 inch squares for base and 8 inch squares for lid

Origami Decagonal Box and Lid