Origami Modular Flower

This modular flower is quite popular and is simple to make. It is made from 5 separate petals that are folded and then glued together to form the flower.

It is also possible to form a kusudama from these flowers. Hopefully I should be able to complete my own kusudama in the days to come πŸ™‚ It is quite time consuming, since there are 60 units involved in the kusudama (12 flowers in all and each of them made from 5 petals)

In case you have noticed, I fold my flower slightly different from the usual ones. Instead of 3 stamens (??), there is only one in mine. I found that 3 stamens make the flower quite crowded, so made some small changes. I will be posting a tutorial for folding the flower with the variation in my next post. Be sure to check it out πŸ™‚

Origami Details:

Model: Modular Flower

Origin: Traditional

Difficulty Level: Simple

Paper size: 2 inches square

Number of units: 5

Origami Modular Flowers