Origami Tessellation Bat

After completing Mantler’s bat, the next bat I tried out was the Tessellation Bat. The design is by Anna Kastlunger.

The tessellation part of the bat is similar to J C Nolan’s Andrea’s Rose. And as in the rose, you can fold as many layers are you have the patience to do, or the paper will allow. The tessellation forms the back of the bat.

The front forms the body of the bat and it quite easy to fold. Though there are quite a number of steps in the instructions (53 steps in all), it isn’t very difficult to complete.

The bat looks best in dual coloured paper so that the contrasts between the front and the back are well seen. Single sided black paper also looks good.

Origami Details:

Model: Tessellation Bat

Creator: Anna Kastlunger

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Instructions Link: Origami Austria

Paper Size: 9 inches

Origami Tessellation Bat - Tessellated back