Oriland is a virtual Origami Land created by Yurii and Katrin Shumakov. I found it a very beautiful and colourful site and everything on the site is from paper!

They have instructions for some of their colourful creations and I really love their vases and boxes! So here is a week of oriland’s boxes and vases.

Origami Simple Box

To start off, here is a simple box, created by Yurii Shumakov. It should be done in a few minutes and looks best in either duo coloured paper or single sided paper. I love the little fold that comes up on one side of the box. This box has been quite useful for storing my daughter’s colour pencils! She loves them so much that I had 4 of them for her 🙂

Origami Details:

Model: Simple Box

Creator: Yurii Shumakov

Creator’s Website: Oriland

Instructions Link: Oriland

Difficulty Level: Simple

Paper Size: 5 inch square