Origami Vase Duet

The Vase “Duet” is a very unique vase I think. It is a combination of 2 vases, joined at the base. The unique thing is the little pyramids that are seen on the sides. There are 3 of them on either side of the vase. I am not sure they are clearly visible in the pic though, but the little projections on the side (2 just below the neck of the vases and 1 starting inbetween the vases) are the pyramids.

An interesting model to fold. I used a large square to get a sizeable vase. A 15-inch square gave me a vase that was around 5 inches tall.

Origami Details:

Model: Vase “Duet”

Creator: Yurii Shumakov

Creator’s Website: Oriland

Instructions Link: Oriland

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Paper Size: 15 inch square