Though I don’t celebrate Halloween, I thought it would be good to have a week of halloween origami. While searching on my blog, I found that there are quite a few origami that I have folded that could be classified as halloween origami.

In particular are these bats – Andrea Mantler’s very famous origami bat and this beautiful tessellation bat by Anna Kastlunger.

I have also made a spider a few months back, a simple one by Bob Allen.

Then there is this scary looking owl by Stephen Weiss. Duo coloured paper should be used. Else it doesn’t look that great as is obvious from the picture.

Finally, what is halloween without some cats. Here is Roman Diaz’s cat from a paper strip. And here is a very realistic cat face by David Petty.

And do be sure to visit again during this week, as I will be sure to make a witch or two and some Jack-O-Lanterns 🙂