World Origami DaysWorld Origami Days is the period between October 24th and November 11th, when origamists around the world spread around the joy of folding. Various events are organised so that non-origamists are given an opportunity to try their hand at folding.

The reason for such an extended period for the World Origami Days is interesting. Lillian Oppenheimer is an American origami pioneer, who founded the first origami group in America. Her birthday falls on 24th October. November 11th is Origami Day in Japan. So combining both these days together, we have 2 1/2 weeks to celebrate Origami 🙂

Since 2011 in the year of the dragon, origamists are encouraged to fold dragons and share pictures at this Flickr! group. Check out World Origami Days at the British Origami Society and OrigamiUSA for events, ideas, diagrams and other resources.