Dear readers/subscribers,

After 2 years, I have now moved my blog to a space on Google’s Blogspot. This has been a plan in the pipeline for some time now, hence the few updates to the blog for the past couple of months.

So, meet Paper N Pearlz, my new origami-cum-paper blog! This blog will mainly contain posts on origami that I do, similar to Origamiaday. In addition, I also want to try out other paper crafts, including Newspaper weaving, Card Making, Scrap Booking and whatever else is possible. So do join me in my adventures 🙂

I have been slowly moving my posts to the new blog, but it is turning out to be a long process! So, in order not to keep you waiting for new posts, I will be posting at Paper N Pearlz, while still migrating my data.

Please do continue reading my posts and continue commenting on anything you find interesting 🙂 See you there!