Hello Everyone..

I am Pearlie and I have created this blog to track my origami endeavours 🙂 Origami is a recent interest of mine, when I was presented a book on origami ornaments and I have found it to be quite addicting. This was in September 2009 and I have been folding since.

I try out at least one origami every couple of days, usually the simple to intermediate on a complexity scale (I am yet to gain expertise to try the complex models), and post details of the model I have folded. I also try to include the difficulty level of the pieces (Simple, Intermediate or Complex). As much as possible, I include any tutorials, diagrams, pictures that I find on the net and which has helped me create my model. All the models that I have presented in my blog, have been folded and photographed by me. All the photos can be viewed via the Gallery and of course the post that contains the details as well.

So do take some time to go through my blog, post your comments and your thoughts and do let me know if what I have posted have helped you in folding origami.

Hope you have as much fun folding as I do..