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Heart Box

Origami Heart Box Closed

Our wedding anniversary is near and I wanted to see if I could make something myself for my husband. I was browsing to see if there were heart boxes I could try out and came across this lovely box on Flickr!

The creator of the heart box is Natan Lopez. I understand that the diagram for the model will be published in the magazine ‘4 Esquinas’ but am not sure when it is to be published. But in the meanwhile, the diagram and CP have been kindly shared by Natan on his Flick! profile (links below).

Some points that I learnt after trying out the heart a few times:

  • For the base, I used a square that was slightly smaller than the one for the lid. I wasn’t able to make them fit together well when I used squares of the same size.
  • In Step 23 in the instructions, it is suggested that the corners be either folded or cut off. I suggest cutting them off; else there is a lot of folded paper which didn’t make the folding easy at all!
  • For the lid, in Step 25, adding one more valley fold around the box ensures that the base is slightly taller than the lid.

Origami Heart Box - Valentine

Origami Details:

Model: Heart Box

Creator: Natan Lopez

Creator’s Website: Origami Natan

Instructions Link: Flickr!

Instructions Link (CP): Flickr!

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Paper Size: 7 inches square for Lid and 6.75 inches square for Base

Week 14 (Day 03): Valentine’s Day Wreath

Origami Valentine's Day WreathWreaths are great for any occasion and are a sure addition for Valentine’s Day. I found quite a few origami heart wreaths for Valentine’s day and actually thought that I could have a week of heart wreaths! Maybe I will do it next year 🙂

For now, here is a very pretty and elegant wreath, made from 8 heart units. Red and white hearts would look great, I admit, but I wanted to try out another combination. I think this orange and yellow combination looks great too.

The units are not very difficult to make. The are joined together with glue. But looking at how pretty the wreath is, even origami purists would be tempted to give it a go I think!

Origami Wreath UnitsOrigami Details

Model: Valentine’s Day Wreath

Creator: Ayako Kawate

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Tutorial Link: Youtube

No of Modules: 8

Paper Size: 3 inch squares

Origami Heart Wreath in Hearts

Week 14 (Day 02): Love Letter

Origami Love Letter
Francis Ow, the specialist in origami hearts, is the designer of this origami letter. The letter is pretty easy to fold and makes a great gift for Valentine’s day, though I don’t know how easy it will be to fold it back to the original shape, once unfolded! Will require some practise I think.

The heart doesn’t really show till it is locked into place, by inserting it under the triangular tab at the top (refer to the next picture).

I think the letter will look much better if folded from single sided paper, rather than paper with print on both sides. That will bring out the heart much better.

Origami Details

Model: Love Letter

Creator: Francis Ow

Website: Francis Ow’s Origami Page

Difficulty Level: Simple

Tutorial Link: Youtube

Paper Size: 6 inches square

Origami Love Letter Open

Week 14(Day 01): Cube of Love

Origami Love Units

The origami cube of love is a modular cube with a whole bunch of hearts in it! It is made from 6 units, each unit with a heart in the middle. The modules are made from half a square, rectangles in the ratio of 1:2.

The cube makes a great decoration and will make a good gift for a loved one 🙂 What say?

Origami Details:

Model: Cube of Love

Creator: Fumiaki Shingu

Instructions Link: Origami Club

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

No of modules: 6

Paper ratio: Rectangle in 1:2 ratio

Paper size: 2.5 inches by 5 inches

Origami Cube of Love


Origami Sheep

These cute little sheep, designed by Roman Diaz, would have been a great addition to my nativity scene, last month. I will be sure to add it to my Christmas collection for this year though 🙂

The model works best with paper that is black on one side and white on the other. I initially tried out with brown/dark brown paper that had a 4 inch side. The second one I tried was the brown/yellow one, using 2 inch squares. So in the end the models turned out like a mother and her baby!

The folds are slightly tricky but doable and the end result is pretty realistic. The model will make a great addition to my origami animals collection..

Origami Details:

Model: Sheep

Creator: Roman Diaz

Creator’s Blog: Daily Dose of Origami

Book: 4 Esquinas Vol 1

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Instructions Link: 4 Esquinas

Paper Size: 2 – 4 inches square

Out with the old – 2011

As we step into 2012 and before I start to take more resolutions for the new year, I think I need to check on where I am with regards to my old year’s resolutions for my blog from this post.

1. I seem to have done fairly well on the number of posts per month, though I never did manage to cross 15! I had taken a month off (August 2011) and other than that, I have managed to post from 9 to 15 posts with most of them based on origami.

2. Tutorials – I haven’t really done great. I was supposed to make at least 6 and ended up making only 4. The list of tutorials that I did make this year –

Maybe I should create a separate, listing my tutorials..

3. The last was to work on at least 6 complex origami models – again didn’t quite achieve this goal. I ended up making only 2 complex origami 😦

I addition to my goals, I did manage to do a couple more interesting things. I have started commenting on other blogs (which isn’t very easy for me) and I even managed to make a new friend, a blog buddy! Her name is Sarah Jacob and she is the author of the blog Craftzy. I will write a separate post on her, she is a very versatile person and this by-note will not do her justice! I am enjoying getting to know her..

2011 has been a great year on a personal front too. God has been gracious to my family and kept us hale and healthy through the year. My father was diagnosed with  a block in his heart in the nick of time, underwent surgery and by God’s grace, is firmly on the road to recovery. My mother completed her course of work and has finally retired! She is enjoying being at home and trying out a lot of cooking/baking and using us as guinea pigs!! 😀 My husband got a much-awaited promotion at work and still continues to be a workaholic! My daughter enjoys her school and takes a lot of pleasure in learning – a joy to us 🙂 My brother and his wife had set up a business of their own and by God’s grace, that is also doing well. As for me, I am having a lot of fun with my blog, my family, my daughter especially, my church/ministry activities (though it isn’t really a great deal of work on the ministry front), my work.

2011 has been a great year and as we step into 2012, I pray that God continues to provide us with His joy and peace and that His presence remains with us in the new year 🙂

8 Pointed Star

Origami 8 Pointed Star - Gold

The 8 Pointed Star will be a sure addition to my Christmas tree! The star is made from a single square of paper and isn’t very difficult to make.

I tried making the star using thin gold paper and thicker wrapper paper. In both cases, the star turned out quite well.

Origami Details:

Model: 8 Pointed Star

Creator: John Montroll

Book: Christmas Origami

Author: John Montroll

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Paper Size: 6 – 7 inches square

Origami 8 Pointed Star

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