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Traditional origami snail

The traditional snail is an interesting origami to fold. As compared to the usual traditional origami, this one is more difficult to fold. Pulling out the shell at the end must be done with care, else the paper will rip.

Origami Details:

Model: Snail

Origin: Traditional

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Instructions Link: Origami-make

Paper Size: 6 inches

Hello Kitty

Origami Hello Kitty

After completing the bow from the previous post, while searching the net to see where I can use it, I came across some Hello Kitty pics with a bright, red bow. So decided to make one of them 🙂

I rather liked this version of Hello Kitty from Youtube. Quite a few of them are available, most of them are simple though. So’s this. But this looks quite a bit like the original Hello Kitty 🙂

Origami Details:

Model: Hello Kitty

Tutorial Link: Youtube

Difficulty Level: Simple

Number of units: 3 – one each for the body, face and bow

Paper Size: 3 inch squares for body and face, 3 inch * 1.5 inch for bow

Tessellation Bat

Origami Tessellation Bat

After completing Mantler’s bat, the next bat I tried out was the Tessellation Bat. The design is by Anna Kastlunger.

The tessellation part of the bat is similar to J C Nolan’s Andrea’s Rose. And as in the rose, you can fold as many layers are you have the patience to do, or the paper will allow. The tessellation forms the back of the bat.

The front forms the body of the bat and it quite easy to fold. Though there are quite a number of steps in the instructions (53 steps in all), it isn’t very difficult to complete.

The bat looks best in dual coloured paper so that the contrasts between the front and the back are well seen. Single sided black paper also looks good.

Origami Details:

Model: Tessellation Bat

Creator: Anna Kastlunger

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Instructions Link: Origami Austria

Paper Size: 9 inches

Origami Tessellation Bat - Tessellated back


Origami Bat

The origami bat, by Andrea Mantler, is one of the best origami bats that I have seen, though it hasn’t come out very well for me 😦 Some of the creases are not great!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the instructions online, but I did find a couple of tutorials to make it 🙂

Origami Details:

Model: Bat

Creator: Andrea Mantler

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Tutorial Link: Youtube

Paper Size: 6 inches square


Origami Cat - Roman Diaz

This cat, designed by Roman Diaz, is folded from a paper strip in the ratio 1:2.45. I generally don’t like folding animals, but found the paper ratio rather unique, hence gave it a go.

The cat turned out quite well, though am yet to get the whiskers and mouth right. The tail is slightly different from the instructions, I wanted to open it out rather than shape it as in the instructions.

It can also stand by itself, so I ended up with a rather self-satisfied looking cat, happily sitting with her tail in the air! 🙂

Origami Details:

Model: Cat

Creator: Roman Diaz

Creator’s Blog: Daily Dose of Origami

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Instructions Link: Origami Chile

Tutorial Link: Youtube

Paper Ratio: 1:2.45

Paper Size: 3 inches * 7.35 inches

Crane Ring

Origami Crane Ring

The traditional crane ring is an interesting modular crane variation to fold. It forms a beautiful ring/wreath that should look good on a wall.

Paper size of at least 3 inches would be good, though I had made this one with 2 inch squares. I had got a whole bunch of 2 inch square paper and have been making use of them for my models these days 🙂

Origami Details:

Model: Crane Ring

Origin: Traditional

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Tutorial Link: OrigaMila

Paper size: 2 inches square

Cat Face

Origami Cat Face

A very realistic cat face, designed by David Petty from his book, ‘Origami 1-2-3’. The instructions are pretty clear, but you will need to refer to the next image to really see what has to be done.

Overall a nice model. And much loved by my daughter!!

Origami Details:

Model: Cat Face

Creator: David Petty

Website: Dave’s Origami Emporium

Book: Origami 1-2-3

Author: David Petty

Difficulty Level: Simple

Paper Size: 3 inch square

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