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Week 14 (Day 03): Valentine’s Day Wreath

Origami Valentine's Day WreathWreaths are great for any occasion and are a sure addition for Valentine’s Day. I found quite a few origami heart wreaths for Valentine’s day and actually thought that I could have a week of heart wreaths! Maybe I will do it next year 🙂

For now, here is a very pretty and elegant wreath, made from 8 heart units. Red and white hearts would look great, I admit, but I wanted to try out another combination. I think this orange and yellow combination looks great too.

The units are not very difficult to make. The are joined together with glue. But looking at how pretty the wreath is, even origami purists would be tempted to give it a go I think!

Origami Wreath UnitsOrigami Details

Model: Valentine’s Day Wreath

Creator: Ayako Kawate

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Tutorial Link: Youtube

No of Modules: 8

Paper Size: 3 inch squares

Origami Heart Wreath in Hearts


Here are some earrings that I have been making.. I got some lovely heart beads which I absolutely had to use! So..

Origami Yellow Heart Earrings

Origami Blue Heart Earrings

Origami Green Heart Earrings

Iris Folding – Heart

Iris Folding - Heart

Iris Folding is a simple but beautiful paper art that originated from Holland. And it is a fun way to make great greeting cards.

The technique involves folding thin strips of paper into a particular shape. The iris is the center of the shape, which is usually covered by a holographic piece.

For detailed instructions on making a heart, check this out.

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