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Week 12 (Day 02): Roman Diaz’s Panda

Origami Panda - Roman Diaz

Roman Diaz’s Panda from his book Origami Essence (also in Origami Tanteidan Volume 14) is a simple and elegant model to fold. Loved it!

Origami Details:

Model: Panda

Creator: Roman Diaz

Creator’s Blog: Daily Dose of Origami

Books: Origami Tanteidan Vol 14 and Origami Essence (Authored by Roman Diaz)

Difficulty Level: Simple

Tutorial Link: Youtube (Part 1 and Part 2)

Paper Size: 6 inches

Week 12 (Day 01): Yoshihide Momotani’s Panda

Origami Panda Face

There are a whole lot of origami pandas! Yoshihide Momotani’s panda head is among the simpler ones. I like the way the features are captured and how close to a real panda it is, given the simplicity of the folds.

I had wanted the picture to look like the panda is coming out of a foliage, with just the head sticking out 🙂 Wonder if that impression is conveyed though!!

Origami Details:

Model: Panda

Creator: Yoshihide Momotani

Book: Origami Animals

Author: Yoshihide Momotani

Difficulty Level: Simple

Paper size: 3 inch square

Week 11 (Day 06): Jack-o’-Lantern

Origami Jack o Lantern

Jack-o’-Lanterns are quite common origami models and these range from the ultra simple to the more complex ones.

This Jack-o’-lantern is from one of the Origami Tanteidans. Book 17 to be precise. I have previously worked on a couple of designs from this book and this was the third one.

After completing the design, I felt that it would have been better if the yellow/orange had formed the majority of the design, with white teeth and eyes. But this is as per the instructions in the book.

Origami Details:

Model: Jack-o’-Lantern

Creator: Jun Maekawa

Book: Origami Tanteidan Vol 17

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Paper Size: 5 inch square

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