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Origami Sheep

These cute little sheep, designed by Roman Diaz, would have been a great addition to my nativity scene, last month. I will be sure to add it to my Christmas collection for this year though 🙂

The model works best with paper that is black on one side and white on the other. I initially tried out with brown/dark brown paper that had a 4 inch side. The second one I tried was the brown/yellow one, using 2 inch squares. So in the end the models turned out like a mother and her baby!

The folds are slightly tricky but doable and the end result is pretty realistic. The model will make a great addition to my origami animals collection..

Origami Details:

Model: Sheep

Creator: Roman Diaz

Creator’s Blog: Daily Dose of Origami

Book: 4 Esquinas Vol 1

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Instructions Link: 4 Esquinas

Paper Size: 2 – 4 inches square


Week 12 (Day 04): Panda Bookmark

Origami Panda Bookmark

Yet another origami panda! This is yet again Roman Diaz’s design and a bookmark. I like the way the bookmark fits into a page corner. And when the book is closed, just the ears are visible – a rather convenient way to open the book again at the marked page!

Roman Diaz has himself made a tutorial for folding the bookmark and it is available on his blog (link below).

Origami Details:

Model: Panda Bookmark

Creator: Roman Diaz

Creator’s Blog: Daily Dose of Origami

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Tutorial Link: Daily Dose of Origami

Paper Size: 5 inches

Origami Panda Bookmark in Book

Week 12 (Day 02): Roman Diaz’s Panda

Origami Panda - Roman Diaz

Roman Diaz’s Panda from his book Origami Essence (also in Origami Tanteidan Volume 14) is a simple and elegant model to fold. Loved it!

Origami Details:

Model: Panda

Creator: Roman Diaz

Creator’s Blog: Daily Dose of Origami

Books: Origami Tanteidan Vol 14 and Origami Essence (Authored by Roman Diaz)

Difficulty Level: Simple

Tutorial Link: Youtube (Part 1 and Part 2)

Paper Size: 6 inches

Week 11 (Day 01): Halloween Week

Though I don’t celebrate Halloween, I thought it would be good to have a week of halloween origami. While searching on my blog, I found that there are quite a few origami that I have folded that could be classified as halloween origami.

In particular are these bats – Andrea Mantler’s very famous origami bat and this beautiful tessellation bat by Anna Kastlunger.

I have also made a spider a few months back, a simple one by Bob Allen.

Then there is this scary looking owl by Stephen Weiss. Duo coloured paper should be used. Else it doesn’t look that great as is obvious from the picture.

Finally, what is halloween without some cats. Here is Roman Diaz’s cat from a paper strip. And here is a very realistic cat face by David Petty.

And do be sure to visit again during this week, as I will be sure to make a witch or two and some Jack-O-Lanterns 🙂


Origami Cat - Roman Diaz

This cat, designed by Roman Diaz, is folded from a paper strip in the ratio 1:2.45. I generally don’t like folding animals, but found the paper ratio rather unique, hence gave it a go.

The cat turned out quite well, though am yet to get the whiskers and mouth right. The tail is slightly different from the instructions, I wanted to open it out rather than shape it as in the instructions.

It can also stand by itself, so I ended up with a rather self-satisfied looking cat, happily sitting with her tail in the air! 🙂

Origami Details:

Model: Cat

Creator: Roman Diaz

Creator’s Blog: Daily Dose of Origami

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Instructions Link: Origami Chile

Tutorial Link: Youtube

Paper Ratio: 1:2.45

Paper Size: 3 inches * 7.35 inches

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