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Ring 25

Origami Ring 25

A great addition for a Christmas tree is an origami wreath, so I dug out Tomoko Fuse’s book ‘Origami Rings and Wreaths’ and tried out yet another of her wreaths.

The picture of the Ring 25, made from tracing paper, in the first few pages of the book was great and I wanted to try it out myself. This is the first time I am working with tracing paper and since the paper is quite delicate, I had to take extra care not to tear it off.. But the ring turned out quite fine.

Unfortunately my main failure was in taking the picture of the completed ring. As you can see, this is one of my very bad photographs 😦 I wanted the light in the back and a clear picture showing the variation in the colour, but haven’t even got close to that! Hopefully I will soon learn how to take such pictures.

In the meanwhile, here are the details of the ring and a picture of the ring without the light variation.

Model: Ring 25

Creator: Tomoko Fuse

Book: Origami Rings and Wreaths

Author: Tomoko Fuse

Difficulty Level: Simple

Number of modules: 16

Paper size: 3 inch squares

Origami Ring 25

More Hexagon Boxes!

Origami Hexagon boxes

Here are more of Tomoko Fuse’s Hexagon boxes. I have developed a fondness for them 🙂 And since I loved the colour combination in my last one, I made these using the same paper.

These boxes are from Tomoko Fuse’s book ‘Fabulous Origami Boxes’. They are actually much simpler than the previous one, since they are formed from 2 units. The units are also quite easy to fold, assembly isn’t too difficult either. And after folding so many of them, I have started folding them in a jiffy!

For the base, it is also possible to fold them as nested box, by varying the length of one of the initial folds.

The boxes I have folded here are – Hexagon Box B, Hexagon Box C assembly 1, Hexagon Box C assembly 2 and Hexagon  Boxes – Body and Nesting Boxes.

Origami Hexagon Box Collage

Origami Details:

Model: Hexagon Boxes

Creator: Tomoko Fuse

Book: Fabulous Origami Boxes

Author: Tomoko Fuse

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Number of Units: 2 for base and 2 for lid

Paper Size: 5 inches square

Origami Hexagon Boxes - All

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