Origami 4 Star Box

The Origami 4-star box is yet another model from Origami Tanteidan Vol 17. There are very few models from the Tanteidan that I can fold, given my inexperience. So I was quite delighted to find this beautiful model and even more pleased that I could fold it!

The box is a modular pattern, 4 modules for the lid and 4 for the base. The lid and base are folded in the same way except (1) the walls of the base are higher than the lid and (2) the spiral of the base is folded into the model so that it isn’t visible at the base.

I found the model interesting to fold in that, usual modular boxes are folded as 2D and in the final step they are converted into 3D. But in this one, the model no longer lies flat from the second step after the precreasing. And of course, the folding the spiral into the base wall was also something new.

Origami Details:

Model: Four Star Box

Creator: Toshikazu Kawasaki

Book: Origami Tanteidan Vol 17

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Number of units: 4 for lid and 4 for base

Paper Size: 5 inch square